No point rushing a good thing

While the rest of you saps are outside enjoying the great outdoors and trying your hardest to act like we all don’t have to go back to work on Tuesday, I’m taking this extra long Labor Day weekend to buckle down on some things I’ve been neglecting. Case in point, this blog.

Between spending a stupid amount of money getting my future and present right with the added angst of watching my credit score do stupid things, I’ve been pretty involved with my lady friend as of late. I believe I mentioned something along the lines of pivoting toward a DTR conversation with her, but honestly, the vibes have told me enough. We’re both making the time to see and enjoy each other regularly.

Although there was a funny encounter (at least to me) this past Thursday. She had been tied up with work most of the week, but had Thursday free. This was great because I had Friday off. Turns out she didn’t get a chance to pack and whatnot for her coming trip so she asked to cancel, albeit reluctantly. Mind you, I’m at the range shooting off some arrows. I read this text and I get slightly miffed about the false hope I was given, even if it wasn’t her fault that shit changed.

I wasn’t mad at her, I was mad at the situation, but I did something only almost-30 me would ever do: I took those negative emotions and flipped the situation on its head. I’ll admit, I typed out a response that essentially said “Can you predict the future so I don’t get salty?” Petty, I know. But I just typed it out, deleted the asinine message and fired off more arrows in deep thought.

She had errands to do sure, but I could just join her right? I can make any situation fun and ridiculous. That’s partially why I get dragged to a lot of mundane shit. So, I went ahead and offered my help in prepping for her trip. And guess what happened? We both got what we wanted: to see each other.

The part that had me cracking up internally was the fact that I didn’t know if I was spending the night at her place or not. We’ve already slept together twice at this point so I really don’t know why I thought this was all in the balance. Maybe because she mentioned she’s fairly territorial when new people come over to her place and I was expecting the alleged side-eye party I kept hearing about too.

None of that happened at all. She was an amazing and gracious host. I hadn’t realized how comfortable she had gotten so quickly being that she keeps it real close to the chest. I got fed and entertained, couldn’t really ask for more than that to be honest. I believe she thought I wanted to go out to dinner or whatever before this new plan, but I think she’s starting to realize I like sitting at home chilling and hanging out as much as she does. Prolly more because I’m #1 gamer-nerd fuckwit and proud of it.

We’re still talking and carrying on, but she falls asleep for about five minutes with a hot coffee cup in her hand. I’m having a panic attack for her because if any of her digits go limp it’s a wrap. So I have my hand hovering around just in case she pops up randomly. Fortunately we avoided a hot coffee tragedy. Although, part of me is stalling because I don’t know if I’m getting the boot or the bed at this point. Fast-forward to about 3am and I’m starting to tap out because I’d be up since 7am

She says “Alright, it’s time for bed, let’s go.” Welp, that answers that question. Relieved and dead tired, I bum a toothbrush off her and hit the hay with bae (couldn’t resist that rhyme.) I get up the next morning to her telling me it’s breakfast time and I’m like “Well damn and I get breakfast too? Don’t mind if I do.” Ironically enough, I didn’t help her with much in the way of errands, but I did help with planning and some sagely travel advice.

That whole exchanged solidified to me that I’m definitely in the pocket, shoutouts to John Madden. Not gonna lie, I’m tired of the routine interrogation by some characters out there. We’ll bestow titles on each other when the time is right. It takes time to build your space in someone’s heart and rushing that is how you guarantee it all falls apart.

Also, Kill Bill is a lot more enjoyable now that I’m older, go figure.