Glass jaws and crystal balls

It’s been a while since I took a punch to the chin. Ironically enough, it was my own. That’s what happens when you’re not paying attention to your form during training. It was a light chin-check so it’s sore enough to make chewing a bit of a task. Kickboxing is still the shit though. Wouldn’t be combat sports if I didn’t get hemmed up a little bit.

It’s been a while though so let me recap the past 3 weeks. I had the pleasure of my sister and mother’s company for a whole week, which at the time, I thought it was going to be much too long. Turns out, it was the perfect amount of time before I got tired of my sister’s newly-discovered angst and teenageness. And just entertaining people in general. I felt like a drill sergeant having them up at 10am and returning home at 8pm or later each day. I’ll be damned if they flew 2000 plus miles to just sit in my apartment…a dream my sister had towards the end of the trip. But I crush dreams so there’s that.

All the while in the dating world, things are certainly looking up. I believe I’ve stumbled onto someone that’s not only complements my personality, but is also cute as button. Complete with goals, aspiration, manners, and a plethora of other things I really like about her, especially physically. I’m not going to speak for her, but methinks we’re on a path to great things. Her being so proactive is a good indicator that we’re mutual in the feeling department.

Although there are a few caveats that I’ll address in a full post about my recent exploits with her. Nothing alarming, but just some “If this opportunity shows up I’m out” type shit that’s typical for mid 20s folk such as ourselves. Suffice to say, I haven’t fucked with any dating app or anything for the past three and a half weeks. By date #3 I knew she was the real deal. Sweet, sweet reciprocity.

Even still, things could go south at a moments notice so I’m invested and realistic. She’s a woman full of ambition and I won’t fault her for taking a great opportunity that means our relationship has to be sacrificed. I did the same thing four years ago, with a 2-month-old relationship. I wasn’t really feeling the long distance thing, but she ranted for 20 minutes about how she didn’t want to do it so it worked out.

Albeit, back then I was very against long distance anything. I feel like I’d be more forgiving of that scenario for the right person at this stage in my existence. With my current dating situation, I’m getting small tastes of that as at most I’ll see this girl once a week.

Regardless, it’s great to be stepping out of the mire of dating bullshit into a garden of dating good times. I been out the exclusive game for a while so I have to re-learn some basic intimacy stuff besides being a mammal and doing it like Discovery Channel. More details to come on that front later. It’s still amazes me how much we click and just get each other despite the fact that our backgrounds have some interesting differences.

You’d think dating outside of your ethnicity would mean a lot of work to educate someone on the prerequisite of your culture – which is happening more so for me – yet there ain’t a lot to be explained. Just being people of color makes it easier. Not to say Becky wouldn’t understand, but she would need some help if she wasn’t immersed in having dialogue with folks that have been systematically disenfranchised for centuries.

At any rate, life is sounding like a Roy Ayers joint. Nothing but sunshine and experiences so sublime. #simplevelsrising