Alcohol fairies do exist

What a weekend to remember. Just one year ago, I was the Lyft driver dropping people off at this BBQ fest to pay rent. This time around, I decided to christen the occasion by flipping the script. The longer I exist, the more I realize that I have a serious capacity for planning. Who else could bring three different friend groups together for a day full of alcohol, ribs, and mac & cheese?

The highlight of my Saturday was when my homie was like “Man, I wish we had more drink tickets,” with me co-signing that sentiment. No sooner than he said that, a mysterious bald black guy appeared and gave me $8 worth of drink tickets then disappeared into the crowd. I never saw him again. Nobody else but us saw this exchange. I think I was graced by my alcohol fairy, after all these years. It was amazing.

Divine intervention aside, it was exceedingly interesting because I hadn’t seen my best friend in about a month and his girlfriend in at least three or four. For context, I got invited to the same event by them and another friend group, with yet another friend expressing his interest in going. Needless to say we were mobbin’ heavy. Banter between my best friend and I never missed a beat. For a while I felt things hadn’t really changed. Something my other friend mentioned as he drove me back to my place.

For sure, on the surface it all seemed dandy between my best friend and me, but there was a marked difference, at least from my perspective. The closeness wasn’t there and I felt like we didn’t have much to talk about outside of the usual acquaintance conversation. When I asked him what all he had been doing up to our encounter, he mentioned house hunting and something else in an exasperated tone. Might’ve been the heat and humidity or me being tipsy, but it sounded like genuine defeat. Granted I didn’t make a huge effort to talk to him since all of us were playing musical conversations.

I had accepted that our relationship had changed, but to see it in action with all the requisite pieces (his girlfriend being there for once), really solidified it. And for all intents and purposes, I was mostly okay with the dynamic. I still disagree with their commitment to hanging out with people for appearances, but that’s where the boundaries come in. I was able to enjoy his and everyone else’s company on my terms. Weirdly liberating when I think about it. Just leaving when I feel I’m either wasting my time or no longer enjoying the scenario.

I’ll still have my best friend’s back regardless. Speaking with my other friend who’s been over the 30-year-old line for a couple years helped me clarify some feelings I had. I didn’t realize my best friend had turned 30 for his birthday last month. Not to say he’s completely switched, but I believe some things have dawned on him that I’m sure I’ll never hear about if I ask because he is who he is. What the revelation, I hope it originated from his core need to do it and not something he feels obligated to do.

At least things are looking up for ya boy on the dating side of things. Not trying to jinx it, but I may not be on the market for too much longer. Although everything could literally implode tomorrow so cautious optimism is the wave I’m riding for now. I refuse to get caught lacking out here. My psyche is staying on that balanced breakfast, ya dig?