Rebound: It’s funny when people fall

So I have a thing for women with British or Australian accents. Don’t ask me why, it’s just how things are with me. A therapist told me it has something to do with how disparate it sounds compared to American or Spanish accents. The real answer: It just sounds hot to me.

Affinity for otherworldly accents aside, I want to give my Aussie confidant and eternal antithesis to clowns, Van, the Red Nose Slayer, aka saynottoclowns, a shoutout for her recent poem. I was certainly inspired and whether or not you like clowns, you should check her out. She’s got the serious silliness thing down to a science. The poem’s untitled so I’m going to give it one. Forgive me, Van!

RE: Lightbulbs don’t have a sense of humor

The glass that cuts deepest

is the pane of a mirror

when its shards cross-stitch

a mural of blood across my knuckles.


My eyes nod in every direction

at this kaleidoscope of red and silver;

so many mocking, malformed blades

digging into a cortex that’s felt

a cold barrel, with a colder bullet

waiting to be triggered.


Why pick up the pieces when I can

become a part of the picture?

A fragment of stillborn imagination,

content on this crumb-laden carpet.


I will always break, yes.


But I will not be broken.