Is it a centenarian or centennial post?

I did a special thing with the microphone to commemorate this moment y’all. Peep it!

What a dilemma. I can’t decide if my fingers have aged a hundred years from typing up 100 posts or this blog is now 100 posts old. I’m gonna go with “Why not both?” for $100 Alex.

Man, it’s been a wild ride and I say that a lot, but for good reason. As I’m typing to you lovely people that may or may not be reading this, I’m sitting in my own place, with a job I love, and a car that’s pretty cool. But beyond that, now that I’ve incorporated that massive amount of Zen I found a month ago, I’m sitting in a new frame of mind for all intents and purposes.

I started this blog literally as a way to vent and be facetious to a fake studio audience. I wanted a space to really get the spiders in my head on paper as it was getting cramped in my crazy head. It was also a way for me to stay sane in my dad’s house and a testament to me finally being committed to posting regularly on a blog. I had been starting them off and on via WordPress and Blogspot for years, probably starting in 2010. But I’d always fall out after a couple posts. But because my sanity was on the line this time, I figured I’d try to generate something positive in my otherwise shitty situation.

So I started off with the theme of Jeopardy and requesting categories for my post titles because I thought it was funny. And I also didn’t have a clue about how to get started so I figured, being the huge memer that I am, to just be a troll. Making it a game for me was probably the main reason why I consistently posted. I didn’t really have central focus for the topics of my discussions. It was just whatever came to mind, but relationships (particularly romantic ones at that time) always cropped up because those dynamics interest me the most. I actively tried to avoid admitting that though. Now I proudly embrace my mushiness. Hopeful romantic though, we bout that positivity up in here fam.

Simping aside, I started off doing a few posts a week. Then that fell to about once or twice a month as I was really getting into mild depression and job hunting, which aren’t mutually exclusive. I wanted photos to accompany a lot of my post, so I figured memes would be the best as I love them and there’s always one relevant to any situation. Trust that the internet will always remain undefeated.

Another interesting aspect of this blog was that I was actively posting my ramblings on Facebook. Now why I did it, I don’t know honestly. I guess there was some part of me that wanted people to see my thoughts, but another part that knew I wasn’t the only one going through some bullshit. Little bit of column A, a little bit of column B.

Turns out, people actually gave a shit about what I had to say and would actively tell me so, even if they didn’t like the Facebook post, which was a little motivating. There were multiple instances of people telling me that I made their day, made them laugh, and made them really consider a different point of view. And to me that’s amazing. But, for much praise I got, there were a few instances of negativity, which happens when you’re recounting events from your life. There’s a cost that comes with non-fiction.

Some people believe they have a say in how they’re portrayed or might have some beef with being painted in a certain light. If there’s one thing I do in this space and in real life is champion fairness. I’ve never shat on anyone with the intention of malice on this site. Everything is anonymous and I actively try to understand differing point of view because that’s the only way to improve my objectivity. I’m all about discussions, not diatribes. Respect is the pinnacle of engaging in this art that, unfortunately in the Facebook age, is a sorely lost art. But that’s another topic I’ve already written about.

Anyway, to my point, I got into trouble with folks, but I stuck to my guns and made a few posts about it to justify my stance. Ultimately, I shouldn’t have bothered, but by doing so I think it communicated to those offended parties that their outrage wasn’t at me per se. Thinking about it now, it seemed to be a reaction the disparate of what they thought they were to me and how I really felt. A bit of shock? Maybe. A bit of resentment? Sure. Regardless, the real lesson learned was that everyone’s laughing with you until the joke’s about them.

I would have never thought to be mentioning my 100th post, let alone my consistency in doing so for more than a year now. Also, the discovery of community on WordPress has been awesome, if not unexpected. I would like to give a shoutout to two lovely ladies who have been absolutely stellar with their commentary and support: Professor EΒ and The Lover of Clowns.Β I’m not sure if it’s legal to have two muses, but if I’m breaking the law, fuck it. These women have been very inspirational to me on this road of words and drunken epiphanies, so I can’t thank them enough. It’s amazing the power we all have to challenge each other to do better, without saying a word. Basically what I’m saying is, when I grow up, I want to be just like them; wrong choices and clown hate be damned.

As for everyone that’s read even a millisecond of my madness on this slice of the internet, I thank you, from the bottom of my non-existent heart. Just kidding, we’re past that faux edginess.

I truly thank each and every person that’s come by, even if only for the shitty panda vectors and my novice Photoshop skills. While this blog was created for me, it’s blossomed into a space for anyone and everyone because at the end of the day, guess what?

Love is the lantern.