So what now?

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It couldn’t get any sadder than this moment. How had things gotten to this point? His best friend of nearly a decade was now suddenly a stranger. If the last hangout was any indication, there was a real shift in his relationship with him. He had found himself in a situation more forced than the roundest peg trying to fit through the squarest hole. Where did it all go wrong?

He tried his best to remain in a fog of faux ignorance, but he knew damn well why things were the way they were. The Mexican stand-off between him, his best friend, and their egos had his patience chapped. After nearly a month of high-noons, nobody pulled the trigger. Even though the whim decision to move across the country panned out, there was a hidden fee unaccounted for. The price paid for discovery. A discovery that his friend had changed and as much as he wanted to blame the woman his friend loved a lot more than him, he couldn’t.

Who could really be faulted in a situation like this? Living with someone versus talking to them every day was a galaxy’s worth of difference. He didn’t account for the dynamics or unrealistic expectations his hosts had kept to themselves. If he could have snapped his fingers and landed a job, he wouldn’t have taken such a risk. Silent judgment was the thorn in his side for far too long. Adulting has never been that easy and to expect results so quickly, well, that’s was a fools errand he thought. Yet the fool he played until she demanded he find something so their lives could return back to normal. Translation: When there wasn’t someone sleeping on her couch until one in the afternoon. Though she did not realize he’d gone to bed, two hours before she got up for work at 8am, dreaming of  winged online applications flapping to Job Land.

He never asked for his friend to pay for damn near everything.  But she believed accepting charity was a crime, punishable by scowling. A punishment enacted each time a monochrome receipt appeared on the table.

The supernova event; the one to set the universe alight; the meteor upon her porcelain face came swift from his frustration. In that car echoed a defense to turn the tide. Tears welled in the corners of her eyes, darting around for validation from her darling. His friend remained stoic, reaching for her damp hand. In the backseat, he remained, stewing.

And now the fog has cleared. No longer with bated breath does he wait for a sign. For convenience is his only bargaining chip with a man entrenched in a years-long love. He doesn’t despise her; she only acts in her nature opposite to him. The ties that bound him and his friend sway against a breeze they no longer feel. And that’s okay. Decisions made in the mind become actions under pressure. Who would have thought a diamond could be cut to pieces by something weaker than itself.