Breathe the pressure

I think I stumbled upon my New Year’s Resolution. Defying the Negative Nancy that lives in my head. It’s hard to push past it sometimes, but I’ve been fairly successful this year methinks. Not allowing it to rule by default has allowed love to enter my life in a great many forms. Notably, I’m back on the archery horse and I couldn’t be happier.

Move over Legolas, there’s a new savior of the North who has some experience with snow and ice, but that’s besides the point. It’s been about 2 years since I last touched a bow, let alone shot one. But as someone that rarely forgets anything, I did remember what my previous instructor from NorCal said about the basics and through that, I emerged victorious. And by victorious I mean I hit the bull’s eye once and never again. Baby steps.

What’s funnier is that I’m damn near 30, but these kids showed up like pros. Geared out, with fancy bow setups. Definitely made me look like a chump. My favorite part was how there was this tiny little girl whose bow was damn near as big as she was. Despite her diminutive stature, she hit that bad boy over and over again, from like 30m out. Mini Lara Croft up in here, I feel it. She owned that shit, I loved it. I’m trying to be like her when I grow up, for real.

The original idea was going another range about 30 minutes for me at the recommendation of a friend, that I kind of committed to before actually looking at the event page. Although they mentioned everyone was welcomed, I was much too nervous. Plus an hour of travel time for 1 hour of instruction, nah. I kinda feel bad, but at the same token, I don’t think I was missed anyway. When I’m more confident in my abilities (and get my own bow) I’ll probably go visit their outdoor installment because it definitely sounds promising. Indoor is great, but I imagine outdoor is where the magic happens. Or people get impaled. Technically that’s a form of magic, albeit painful and excruciating. Y’all get what I’m trying to say.

I was pretty close to letting the DWDI (Don’t Wanna Do It) feelings win, but then I remembered there’s a range 10 minutes from me that offers free rentals. I checked the hours and it was more than enough time to get my bearings again. So, let’s talk about love because once I drew that first arrow then let it loose, I feel into it all over again. The whole experience was cathartic really. Each arrow hole was me letting go of something that was bothering me, first-world problem or not. The energy was great too. Everybody was super accommodating and just nice. Especially the archery attendant.

You know how you have that feeling that you should leave something alone because something’s off? Yeah, the archery attendant was definitely a senior in high school and trying to flirt and I’m sitting here like “I don’t want new bracelets from the police, thanks.” And my high school reunion is this year? Miss me with all that. That’s just weird. She’s a good kid though. Apparently she’s done with all the immature and petty people in high school and I’m like “I want to tell you it gets better, but I also don’t want to lie to your face.”

At any rate, I’m glad I got over the DWDI and re-kindled my love for shooting at inanimate objects with sharp metal sticks from a very taut string.  Now the real fun begins where I have to research which variation of bow is best for me, the gear, the bells and whistles. It’s basically a rabbit hole that I’m trying not to get into until I’ve decided on compound or recurve.

Compound bows look badass, not gonna lie. But they’re also heavier, which isn’t so much an issue these days with the materials used to build them, but the accuracy is a lot better off the cuff. Recurve is much lighter, sounds cooler, and harkens back to the historical, pimptacular swag days of yore. But god damn is it harder to aim with. I mean I know I’m bad, but it was a real adjustment to get that bitch shoot straight-ish. After getting it down, it felt better overall. I can’t say if it felt better than compound though. Decisions, decisions.

I’ve got a lot of homework to do on the subject unfortunately for me. We bout them informed purchases out chea. No need in wasting money on novelty shit that’s not gonna make me better. I do want a blue camo pattern on my bow though. I’m also thinking about getting Spongebob themed targets to shoot because I’m fucking 13 on the inside still. I’m about 95% sure I’ll be signing up to be a regular member at this range so I can come whenever I feel like it since free shooting is only Thursday-Sunday. Something to look forward to after work no doubt. And the facility is great.

As much as I love the kids, I’m signing up for the adult only classes. If a grown man or woman is showing me up with baller-ass equipment, I won’t feel so bad. But these kids coming in suited and booted while I’m over here shooting with a Papier-mâché rental looking like a square, nah fam. I won’t stand for it. Ain’t no kid gonna be fancier than me. I have the ability to adult god-damnit. Mom and Dad can’t (and won’t) support my hobbies anymore. I swear I don’t have an ego. At least that’s what I tell myself on Tuesdays.