Turkey, throw-downs, and turnarounds for $1100 Alex

I am beyond tilted right now. Spotify is retarded. In what world does “add to queue” mean bisect my playlist? Add it to the end of the fucking playlist. Holy shit. I don’t want my “Man’s Not Hot” troll rap playlist interrupted with R&B damnit. Transitions people, transitions. Okay, just had to get that out. Onward to the real post.

It’s been nearly a month since I posted (BIG SURPRISE) and I can explain…mostly. Now that I’m official at my new position, times has hit a slipstream and I’m still trying to figure out what happened to the last 3 weeks. And with that comes a paycheck that I don’t have to supplement out of necessity, which is always nice. To top that all off, I celebrated Thanksgiving at a Brazilian all-you-can-eat BBQ extravaganza because why not. It was pretty nice to have a 4-day weekend finally. Definitely appreciating my little mini vacation while coughing up a storm. Either I have cancer or a weird chest cold. Whatever it is, I could certainly do without it.

Apparently, my voice mailbox was full so I was clearing it a couple days ago, listening to a slice of recent history. It’s been a journey dude. Out of 20 voicemails, about 15 of them were job related. One of them being from the man I really should be thanking for this whole chain of events, as getting fired over bullshit was the catalyst to my current success. Shoutouts to the God-Complex Midget. Facetiousness aside, it was crazy to see how far I’ve come from a year and a half ago…literally. 2,000 miles is nothing to scoff at.

It’s eye-opening in a different way for me outside of the sudden acquisition of purchasing power. I really got to see why and how people, from athletes to college kids getting that financial aid check, go ham on the spending. That was definitely me this past week or so. Being broke has taught me to stay broke, even when I got money. Rich people ain’t stay rich by spending all their ends. The only difference is that I’ve gone without a lot of stuff for a while (so excited for this toaster). So I’m making it rain out of necessity. At least that’s what I tell myself.

A whole new avenue opens up once you get to that point where you’re officially “established.” I’m still not sold on it, but these 9-hour+ days will make me a believer sooner than later. Now that I’m on the “money, but no time” side of things, it’s forcing me to make better decisions and really choose who/what/where I spend my existence. And truth be told, most of that has been by my damn self because that’s what I like the most. Not out of some misanthrope or agoraphobia type shit (partially true), but more so “what the hell am I going to do with this furniture-less place to make it my own?” I have some ideas, but I gotta make a trek down to IKEA to really get my HGTV on ya feeelll. I really want to chat up one of those set creator people. They are magical at making small spaces seem spacious.

My favorite thing about this new chapter of my life, as much as I hate that phrase, is that all the struggle music I listened to for the past year now fills me with a sense of accomplishment. Like I was in the shit with these music artists and they knew I was in it with them. So now when those songs come on, I blast that shit since my stereo system is very, very saucy. There’s a certain profundity about struggle music when I’m in the struggle. There’s a very different version of internalization that I undergo that others may not experience. Maybe that’s indicative of me being a weirdo instead of some “on the level” steez. Whatever the case, it hits my ear holes differently. I’ve gone days listening to 1 song all day on repeat because it just resonates with the particular medley of bullshit I’ve been served that day. That’s why Spotify pissed me off today. Messing up the program fam.

And if any of you were wondering about the epilogue to the Great Shitshow of Halloween in 2017, I’ve entered a relationship with my new computer and still have my car on the side. Ain’t no room for these hoes tryna ride the waveeee. Seriously though, I don’t think I’m in the space to give a shit about anyone outside of family and close friends. I just got put on and I want to focus on getting my space together. Once that’s all squared away with the finer points of adulthood I’ll be open to it. But like I said last post, we bout to #SitBack2018. Another incentive is finding new ways to circumvent the “So where’s your girlfriend?” question from family members. Keeps me on my toes and sharpens my skills in bullshitting. Pretty important honestly.

I generally don’t give a shit about Black Friday or any of those sales because they’re generally just marked-up items that get cut for a “HUGE FUCKING SALE OMG!!!” So I was quite conflicted with all the crap I bought this week, again necessity based fam. I swear. One of my purchases was post-Thanksgiving at Best Buy and I was not expecting so many people to be milling about, but it was oddly civilized. With so many people I was pretty disappointed not see a fight or two. Not even a TV being tossed at somebody. Weak. I coped my $20 game and stood in line with about 40 other people, 39 of which had TVs of some kind. I was like “Shit, should I get a TV too?” They were cheap and I do need one, but it wouldn’t get used til next year as I have 0 furniture thus far. Not bad for my first in-person Black Friday experience though. I give it a 5/7 mainly because of the one cute employee with the accent.

I was supposed to be gaming alllll day today, but I had get something out. A lot has happened and it needed to be birthed. I don’t have much of a send-off this time. Only that life’s pretty cool right now and the right chain of events only needs some faith with a pinch of elbow grease. I’m also considering it might be time to revisit some things I left behind. I thought it was a done deal forever, but again, Life strikes again. Whether it pans out and ends up being a good idea…well, that’s not for me to decide. Or is it?

***F O R E S H A D O W I N G***