Unwanted boomerangs for $400 Alex

People are funny.

Sometimes they’re funny good, but three months into the new year and most of them are funny bad. And this spans every aspect of my relationships. Some have shaped up, some have shipped out, but the common thread is the level of decisiveness I’ve shown in these situations. I’m lowkey proud of myself for sticking to my guns. Too often I morph and mold to make others comfortable while I’m secretly suffering. Well maybe not suffering per se, but I’d rather be doing something else or be somewhere else. With 30 on the horizon and quickly approaching, my tolerance for bullshit and bologna is at an all time low. No time for games because I haven’t any quarters. No time for romantic scenarios that aren’t conducive to growth or sometime-y folks; way too many people on this planet for that.

And the grind for a position worth spending 8 hours on continues, but I’ve certainly been narrowing my approach. Who you work for equally as important as where you work. Quality over quantity and all that. But like anything else leeches are always trying to find their ways to fit into this here spaceship that’s prepping for liftoff. But I keep fire close. It’s just interesting to see how people I used to fuck with heavy. Like I’d do (and have done) just about anything short of murder for these individuals. But soon as I try to cash in on my deeds, crickets are in full recital. I’m not tripping, I just know clearly where loyalties lie. And now this sounds like a pretentious self-empowering Facebook post, damnit. Whatever. People are gonna do what they’re gonna do. Actions are the litmus of the soul after all.

These boomerangs though, I swear they have “he-bout-to-do-some-positive-shit” radar or something. Without fail, I see those that have disqualified themselves from my life try to slide in and see what’s good when shit’s about to blow. Maybe it’s a universal thing. I think this phenomena was confined to winning the lottery, being famous or being an entertainer, but clearly I was mistaken. Wasn’t sniffing around me when nothing was going on, but now? Yeah, I’m sitting on a lot of unread and deleted messages right about now. It’s weird. I was never that dude, but it’s getting a little out of hand. Not entirely sure what to thing about it. Guess I’ll let it ride.

Maybe that’s why I’m been riding Sean Leon so hard. He gets it. They don’t wanna see a nigga win, at all. Because if I’m winning, clearly they’re all losing right? Mmmm that delicious crab-in-a-bucket mentality. What happened to being happy for people and encouraging them to be great? Why is there this voracious need to shit on or devalue people’s accomplishments for the sake of ego? Hell, I might put them on when I get on. Then we can all get shit done and build some meaningful legacies. But nah, let’s just hate on each other indefinitely. Definitely more productive.

I think what’s most infuriating about those that are consistently gone when it’s raining, but be at my doorstep when it’s shining is that there’s no shame. Not one iota of “Damn I’ve been a bit of scumbag.” The worst is when they feel entitled to a piece of my success. I just hit em with the Gucci Mane Water Whippin. Then of course I get the “damn man, you done changed up bro.” Sure did, don’t waste my time with fuckwits, leeches, and people that don’t invest in me when I invest in them. Can’t dispute that one.

Definitely not my usual mode, but I guess it’s been bugging me these past couple months. Now it’s out there in the ether and I may or may not feel better for it. All I know is, I got curve on reserve. I didn’t master Rainbow Road for nothing. Them snakes better fall back into that grass.