The Green Ranger for $1000 Alex

After 22 years this mortal coil has been blessed with a Power Rangers movie. And yes I did dress up as the Green Ranger. Apparently that’s a rarity because one of the movie staff wanted to know if I was there to see a manager for promotions. Now if I was by myself then yeah, I probably would have hammed it up just to see what would happen, but I was meeting someone there who kindly bought my ticket and popcorn (you’re amazing!). There’s something about nostalgia and dedication that lights a fire under people. I’ve only suited up twice and both times have evoked some heartwarming responses. 35-year-old people running up to me for pictures and poses like children, actual children chasing me down for a hug while their parents front like they don’t want a piece of black Tommy.

Even though the movie wasn’t a masterpiece from an objective cinematic standpoint, it was very enjoyable due to those nostalgic feelings. The foundation is solid and the Rangers do have good chemistry like the original. The campiness, the oneliners, the fantasy, the obvious plot trope; All of gave me goosebumps and I truly felt like I was 6 again in that theatre watching Ivan Ooze be a purple piece of shit. Only to then see the White Ranger explode into glory and kick some serious ass. There’s nothing in this world that can replace the amount of surprise, joy, and wonder associated with that reveal, my word. But yeah the new movie had those moments, though they were few. Not going to spoil anything, but suffice to say they took a lot of liberties with the canon; some interesting, some bad, some “really?” moments. That’s to be expected with a reboot so I kept an open mind.

The Green Ranger is more than a Power Ranger to me though. It’s an extension of a lot of things. He entered the scene as a bad guy and beat the shit out of all the Rangers. Dragon Zord also shat on the Megazord. I mean dude was running train on everyone. But with all that damn power Red Ranger able to appeal to his humanity. And at the end of the day, Tommy ended up being a good guy, only to fight himself later on in the 2nd generation of Rangers. But the point is, Green Ranger embodies the struggle of trying to make life work sometimes. Feels like you’re fighting everything and everybody constantly, but all it takes it that one person, one job, one positive situation to start a cascade of goodness. Plus Greeny was a lone wolf 9 times out of 10. Him and Dragon Zord bitch slapped every enemy Rita or Zed threw at em. But every now and then he needed the help of the other Rangers. Just like how every now and then I need my Rangers to hook a brotha up. Weird parallels indeed.

Speaking of the Green Ranger and White Ranger, I need to save up for my replica suits. I’ll make sure to have special stands for both em and a place to hang their iconic weapons (Dragon Dagger and White Saba respectively). Those bad boys are a grand a piece though from some company in some South East Asian country. Allegedly they take months to get ready so I’d have to get one at the beginning of the year or something and pray they don’t steal my money. Regardless, everybody needs their crew. I know I couldn’t get as far as I am without one honestly. Gotta let these scumbags know, it’s always morphin time biatchhhh.