800 mile day trips

What a weekend. And by what a weekend I mean I’m a terrible human being for not posting in nearly 3 days, but here I am. When you get a call to go to San Jose at 6am I mean you gotta go right? Fuck a plan, live in the now. YOLO and all that. My lower back is all but deceased. I had a good time nonetheless. San Jose is pretty cool. The downtown area screams east coast amd SJ State seems to have more housing than actual classrooms. If my cousin gets accepted, at least I know I’ll be crashing his place in style. This might be a 2 parter honestly (the post, not the drive).

This whim trip was an interesting one though, outside of the fact that his side piece denied us lodging for the night (he dun goofed). It was sort of surreal in way to just up and leave. To be able to drive 400 miles north with the only impetus being “I took too many L’s this week.”. Freedom is sexy af. And there’s not many people I’m able to stand for 5 and a half hours so that made it even more of an experience. Bonding and all that gay shit. Anyway, it was nice to exercise that human urge for travel and discovery. Too often I see people living vicariously through computer monitors and their phones.

As someone who’s regularly anal about having a plan, some times calling the audible is necessary. That way I won’t defeat myself mentally before I realize we’re 200 miles in and being cuckolded by a stream of semis. The best things in life that have happened to me weren’t planned and I think that’s how life works ultimately. We’ve all got our prestigious, well-thought-out plans of grandeur, but how many times have these plans really netted some moments worth cherishing forever? I’d say about 40 percent of my plans fall into that column. Everything else was “oh shit this is happening.”

Sometimes I have to just get away. Whether that means activating hermit mode or driving off the face of the Earth for a bit, some distance has to be put between the status quo and my own piercing thoughts. I can front and say I only went because I wanted to make sure my cousin didn’t die (which was a point of contention), but the trip also helped me as well. The trinity of bullshit I deal with daily comes down to women, employment, and shitters on the internet. Two of these are by choice. I guess the ancillary piece to this shit sandwich would be bouts of depression and suicidal thoughts, but that’s another post. The point is, it all gets draining and tedious and annoying and frustrating etc.

To be on the road with somebody I didn’t hate profusely, without any plan outside of our destination, and the rubber to the road…man so freeing. I can definitely understand the concept of wanderlust now. Why bother dealing with the bullshit of reality and responsibility when I can just run away forever. Well so long as I have money, but the point still stands. I’m not sure many activities can capture the essence of humanity in such a way: travel is ingrained in the human psyche, travel nut or not. You’re going to want to go places. Your body will pull you in a direction that’s not home eventually. A lot of us choose to resist it. Especially in this age where the perception is that if it’s 200 plus miles away it’s going to be expensive. Yeah right.

People are doing world tours on a shoestring budget. I know travelholics that have been to over 30 countries and every time I ask them how much it cost to go to so-and-so the number was never higher than 3 digits. Especially considering the strength of the dollar in relation to some of these dirtball-ass currencies? Please. Now if you’re trying to do some crazy, grandiose  Euro-trip then yeah, you’ll need to sell your kidney. But if you truly want to travel and not romanticize the shit, then you can do it affordably.

That day trip though, I legit didn’t care about any of the things that would normally bug me. I didn’t care about if <insert woman> was replying to my Snaps or text messages. I didn’t care about the litany of emails from various companies essentially telling me to fuck off. I didn’t miss pwning noobs online or shutting down trolls. I was free as shit.

And frankly, I gained new perspective and bolstered my preexisting values. I felt renewed for sure and it was great. So many positive vibes were flooding my space and it was amazing. It’s one thing to remind yourself of things you should be doing and another to actually abide by your own expectations. Something I’ve been getting better at doing these past few months if this blog is any indication.

But the problem becomes when you wish you could be in that state for an indefinite amount of time. I’m not looking forward to it being February all fucking ready. I feel like Christmas just ended and we’re entering the homestretch to Single Awareness Day. That’s a whole nother cowpie of madness I’ve yet to even consider. Well I am going to this Anti-Valentines thing which should be hilarious. So I’d love to go be #1 traveler right now, but I already know how that’s going to end and just because I’m running doesn’t mean the music’s gonna stop. I’ll have to dance eventually. Nat King Cole, why have you forsaken me!?