Getting pissed & personal

You know it’s funny really. Facebook comments have officially replaced daytime television for me. The amount of ridiculousness is never in short supply with some folks. The old adage “think before you speak” has no place in the arena of Keyboard Warriors. At least I get to see a wide array of weapons; Capslock, racial slurs, strawmen, non-sequiturs, and general misinformation. My absolute favorite has to be when someone has hit the end of their logical capacity they start attacking whoever they’re arguing with. Sentence after sentence of asinine remarks about their appearance, assumptions of their sex life, and quips about their intelligence. Seriously, pay attention to the devolution of  each exchange and see who calls who ugly first.

This is indicative of something much more detrimental and that is the lack of respect. The lack of respect for someone who does not agree with you. Debate is an intimate experience where two parties seek to change each other’s mind. Engaging in this task required each person to be prepared with statements, corroborated by evidence from multiple trustworthy sources that do not serve to be a beacon for confirmation bias one way or the other. Something something objectivity. That’s how these Facebook slap fests should go. And some do, but the majority don’t. It all boils down to some shithead talking past another shithead without either of them actually reading what they other has said. They just want to keep posting until either gives up so they can have this empty sense of victory. I mean what is to be gained from “winning” an argument on the internet. They’re both retarded for expending that much energy to feed their respective egos.

I just tire of the selective memory, character attacks, and general bad arguments of everyone. Like god damn. I think the worst is when it’s a meme page or a joke page and some killjoy comes in just to be offended. They want the world to know that their candy ass can’t take jokes about abortion or Obama or Trump or the Packers (lol). They gotta impose their negativity on the fun times being had in the comment space. Getting all Salt Bae in the comments with their whining and shit.  And it’s not even trolling which is the worst part. If it was good legitimate trolling then I’d be fine with it, but these fools…L M A O. “Yeah that’s messed up, what if that was your child?” Bitch, it ain’t my child so why are you trying to guilt trip strangers on the internet? What’s the aim here?

It’s weird. It really is. Socrates is the OG troll and took much delight in making people feel stupid, but he didn’t do it (totally) out of malice. He sought to teach people lessons…at the expense of their egos. For all of his trolling and touching of young boys, he valued good debate. He entertained anyone who had a firm opinion and was prepared to defend it. He never tried to assassinate anyone’s character, he didn’t get super personal, and he rarely ever made negative assumptions trying to bolster his argument. He simply slapped everybody in the face with the long dick of logic. And it worked. Orgies were had, yada yada. But that art is lost (not orgies). Nobody wants to engage in a battle of the wits and it’s making a lot of us complacent with misinformation. Nobody is fact checking regularly, nobody is corroborating stories with evidence, and nobody is scoping out their enemies to see if their allies are on the up and up.

Willful ignorance through technological coddling and instant gratification is a plague for modern times. David Bowie had it right; the information age has had catastrophic and unimaginable impact over the past 17 years. And it’s only going to get exponentially crazy. Self-driving cars will be a common thing in the next 5-7 years. Medicine is getting improved upon daily. The manufacturing industry will phase out human workers pretty damn soon, so we’ll have to contend with that shift. A lot is going to happen and I can’t say I’m too ready for it, but I’m going to do my damnest to not shit on people who have a different view than mine. If more of us can internalize the notion that “differing opinions doesn’t mean this person is the anti-Christ” then I believe we’ll all be relatively fine. Or we can carry on being fuckwits, that’s so much easier honestly. Let me go spam this picture on Trump’s FB page real quick.